Nation of Legends

Into the Shadow and Fog

The heroes spent some well deserved downtime in Starfall after successfully defending the city. Each pursued their own interests but all were haunted and curious about the origins of their mythic nature and the shared power with their attacker.

Signs continued to come to them pointing each toward the Forest of Dancing Shadows. The forests already mystical and strange reputation had only become more sinister as tales of an unnatural mist had settled into the forest.

Taking passage with a riverboat crew the heroes traveled slowly upriver finding that forest was indeed shrouded in an unnatural fog. This paired with the dense canopy of its towering trees gave the forest an otherworldly quality.

Coaxing their guides with liberal payment, the boat turned west along The Shimmering River heading deeper into the forest. Well away from any well known trade route or other path the boat proceeded slowly passing strange and profane structures hewn from the trees. After close to a second week of travel the party found signs of a battle with scorched and burnt vegetation close to the shoreline.

Going ashore and following the trail left by the running battle a clearing was discovered with two strange plants and several enormous seed pods. Closer inspection revealed that Nari corpses were suspended in the seed pods and two huge Moonflowers sprung into attack. While terrible and strange the plants proved a near match after striking down Toonan before hacked and frozen to pieces. Liberating the corpses Lomdi performed death rites for his fellow Nari.

Electing not to further investigate the area the heroes returned to the boat to rest only to discover the vessel ashore downstream and the crew missing. Small blood spatters covered that deck amongst nearly a dozen thorny, burr-covered, darts.

Alone and with no certain direction, the heroes will need to decide where to forge their path next.



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