Dani Didio

Nari head of the Black Markey in [[Starfall]]


Most reports of Didio are conflicting at best. Given her relatively high profile she often speaks through proxies and in disguises.

There are a few consistent reports however, mostly from those claiming to be from her caravan before she left them to stay in Starfall. The most agreed upon facts are that she is short of stature and favors blues and purples when dying her tail and hair. She was also known to favor gold over any other precious metal or stone.


Typically conflicting stories circulate about Dani Didio’s past. Some say she fled her caravan seeking to evade punishment for a heinous misdeed while other believe the exact opposite and she was the one wronged and denied justice.

Locals all agree however that she wrested control over the Black Markets, and most of Rivertown from other emerging gangs roughly 10 years ago. Since then she has kept relative peace in the streets between the rivaal groups who all must pay her tribute in form or another. This makes her one of the most influential people within Starfall and it is widely known that anything that can be bought or sold is within her reach.

There are some who even speculate that she holds influence as high reaching as the city guard who accept a hefty sum to look the other way as long as the veneer of order is preserved. No one would openly speak such a thing in front of one them however, to disparage on an Altrua honor is grave matter of course.

Dani Didio

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