Marshall Hevig Heftig

The Marshal and head of the town guard of [[Starfall]]


Copper skinned and middle aged, Hevig gives an undeniable air of authority and confidence. He is clean shaven and bald in the tradition of the more martial members of Altrua society.

He wears fine armor denoting his station in this wealthy city and carries a magic blade known as ‘Judegement’.


Hevig has spent most of his life in Starfall arriving there when the city was first founded by Altrua settlers. His parents died while he was relatively young when the settlement was attacked by a magical beast.

After this tragic event he was adopted by local guards and he took to the town watch with a fervor to prevent a similar event happening again. He is known for his tireless work and pragmatic approach to preserving order within the city gates.

The explosive growth of Starfall has presented an enormous challenge to preserving order. There are simply not enough town guard to adequately patrol and pursue all criminals. This has left the Rivertown and Foreign Quarter without any regular patrols allowing for the further growth of crime.

Hevig openly petitions for more gold to recruit the necessary guardsmen to bring order back to his satisfaction. He is especially hopeful that the All Thing will draw the necessary attention to achieve this goal.

Marshall Hevig Heftig

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