All Thing

Every nation, and indeed every individual in Earf knows of the All Thing. Some name it differently, Gweet know it as the Great Moot, while the Daath know it as the Sign Beyond. Whatever the name there is a shared history of being drawn to Starfall Lake by a great the same astrological event.

Most are not sure quite when, but as each of the great races first rose there was a great comet the began to streak across the skies. It came to rest at the center of a constellation each race holds in importance. Every 5 years it arrives and every year it takes the same place in the skies. Many saw it as some kind of portent, but whatever the reason all were drawn to Starfall Lake.

The first meeting of the people of Erf] was a tense affair. Each strikingly different from the other it seemed conflict was inevitable. When things seems at the brink it’s said an Altrua sage, Nari elder, or Dathi priest depending on who is telling the tale, but they all agreed to settle their differences with a series of contests. Each selected champions in a variety of test and all found the other’s worth. Afterwords the leaders agreed to meet thereafter to discuss matters that concerned the land and their respective people.

As time passed the All Thing grew to become more than just a clandestine meeting of the ruling elite. At first a gathering grew, then a festival, then a time passed and Starfall grew, the All Thing is now an event known to every citizen of Erf.

All Thing

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