The Daathi are a race of amphibious aberrations that have carved out a small domain in the swamplands of Daath. Though varied in body shapes, sizes and even number of limbs, the Daathi adhere to a strict system of laws and social conventions. They are insular and cold, having difficulty interacting with the other intelligent races. The Daathi prize wealth (in slaves or followers), physical power (to survive their harsh environment) and intelligence (to interpret the stars, and adhere to the laws).

Physical Description: The Daathi is a race of swamp-dwelling aberrations resembling a humanoid leech with some fish and amphibian qualities. They vary greatly in body shape and size but they do have some qualities in common. Their skin is pale, often with a green, blue or grey tint. Their eyes are large and black. Daathi ears and noses are recessed and stunted. Their rubbery bodies are flexible and are filled with multiple gas bladders, allowing the Daathi to contort their shape. Of note, Daathi mouths are large and very flexible, filled with sharp, needle-like teeth.

Society: Daathi are hermaphrodites who reproduce annually in communal spawning pools. Thus, two elements are absent from Daathi culture: family and romantic love. In their place, the Daathi have a strong sense of self-preservation, and a strict adherence to a caste system. The castes are determined from the time of year that the spawning occurs. In winter, the priest class is spawned, spring is rangers/warrior, summer is craftsmen, and fall is the overlords. The spring and summer spawning are more fruitful, while the later spawnings are more rare and more coveted. Advancement in Daathi culture is tied directly to how well one excels in their field. Each tribe is made up of Daathi of different castes, and is based around a collection of spawning pools.

Relations: As mentioned earlier, the Daathi have difficulty relating to other intelligent races. Located within the hostile depths of the Daath swamplands, the Daathi culture was able to progress for centuries without outside influence. Early encounters with the Altrua were hostile, but with the event of the All Thing and the two races societal similarities, they began an uneasy trade-alliance. Currently, the Daathi are reclusive, hiding deep within their swamplands. They are beginning to make forays into other lands, but diplomatic relations and habitat requirements continue to be a barrier. Within Daath, they act as overlords to the Dorothi, an stable offshoot of the Daathi race. The more numerous Dorothi act as laborers in Daathi society. For trade, the Daathi export some flora and fauna, useful in Altruan medicine, as well a rare metals and jewels.

Alignment and Religion: Daathi life is a balance between individual fulfillment and serving the community. They value order and structure, but have little concern for the well being of others. Most Daathi are lawful-neutral, while a good number of the priest caste and overlord caste are lawful-evil. Some ‘star-touched’ Daathi take individualism too far, and lean toward chaotic-neutral. The Daathi believe (rightly) that they came to Erf from the darkness between the stars, and look for signs from their parent-race of aberrations by reading the night sky. Though individual priest may disagree about the actual readings, most agree that it is the future of the Daathi people to return one day to the blackness of space.

Adventurers: Daathi classes are almost always tied to their caste. The priest class are highly influential since they are responsible for interpreting the secrets of the stars. The overlord caste are a mix of summoners and bards, either controlling hordes of lesser creatures or summoning an eldritch horror from the depths of space. The rangers are usually rangers, though some are barbarians. And the artisans usually end up npc classes, though some witch covens meet secretly. To leave Daathi society is considered both strange and courageous to the race. Adventurers are treated with a mix of disdain (for leaving the community) and respect (for searching for potential breeding grounds).


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