Home of the largest Gweet colony on Erf. Maseean is a more of a series of boroughs hewn from the sides of a crevace in the Smoke Mountains. The rock formation surrounding the mouth of this make a natural barrier from the many predatory birds that would prey on the tasty fey and could easily be missed by a traveler spanning the mountain range.

Those that do discover the city will first have to navigate the powerful wards put in place to help safeguard the city. The wards have the power to reduce any creature to match the tiny size of its inhabitants.

Within the city are hundreds of boroughs that the Gweets have fashioned using tamed fauna of the mountain ranges that include everything from badgers to even a few might umber hulks. These beasts of burden are used to craft mining networks that have yielded a fortune in gemstones and rare metals that are both small enough to transport, yet still retain an enormous value.

The dense population is overly taxing on the natural resources of the volcanic mountains so city is has become increasing dependent on the forest settlements for imports of foodstuffs and sundries. This has led to a growing amount of power in these otherwise derided settlements.


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