Starfall has quickly grown to the major center of trade for all of Erf. Starfall Lake is fed by both the Shimmering and Rocksplitter rivers. This makes it a natural trade hub or travelers looking to go as far South as Daath.

The burgeoning city is a testament to Altrua engineering. Great bridges cross each of the rivers and some of the greatest known enchantments allow them to be raised and lowered. The largest commercial district of the city is found to the southeast closest to the Altrua homelands. All races can be found here and the Altrua take great pride in providing a fair trade port as pristine as the surface of Starfall Lake. The reality however, is much more complicated. There is no shortage of unscrupulous merchants, mercenaries, and outright criminals that pass through Starfall on a regular basis.

Starfall is most famous perhaps as host of the All Thing. This event, known throughout all of Erf, has always been pivotal to future of the nations. The Altrua take have taken to the role of hosts with a regard bordering on sacred.


Most famous is the Goldbough Piers where ships harbor and trade is brought from all the major river ways. Riykdom Market spreads eastward from the wharf and it is widely said that you can find any treasure on Erf here.


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